Eco friendly paper hangers cardboard Hangers

Item No.: CH 0087
Material:100% recyclable Eco friendly paper
Eco-Friendly Children's Hanger, Recyclable Paper Fibreboard, 31cm Also known as cardboard hangers - but much tougher and stronger than normal cardboard Ideal for babies’, toddlers’ and children’s wear Flat, so
Mengcaii manufacturers custom wholesale degradable eco paper hanger, paper shoe hook, silk scarf hook, cardboard display rack, small hook, etc., 100% recyclable and degradable Mengcaii brand material, good hardness, strong toughness and other characteristics, high-end production line platform. Natural color, kraft paper, color, screen printing, professional team design, production.

"Cardboard hangers, a forward-looking environmentally friendly home product, are leading the new trend of green life. Our cardboard hangers are made of 100% recyclable paper, which is not only environmentally friendly, but also degradable, fully in line with modern society's emphasis on sustainability The pursuit of development.

In an era when humans are paying more and more attention to environmental protection, our cardboard hangers respond to this call with practical actions. It provides a practical solution in an eco-friendly way, replacing plastic products and is increasingly used in more and more applications.

The cardboard clothes hanger has a unique design and strong load-bearing capacity, which can easily support all types of clothing while maintaining its original environmental protection characteristics. This not only brings convenience to our lives, but also reduces the burden on our earth and makes our lives greener and more harmonious.

We believe that with our cardboard hangers we can take an important step towards a greener, more sustainable future. Let us join the ranks of environmental protection and contribute our part to protect the earth. "

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