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Snickers' solution to global problems is to treat the Earth to chocolate

"Annual consumption is expected to reach 10.601 million tonnes in 2020, with global consumption exceeding 11 million tonnes by 2023." When I read this line in the data report, what went through my mind was -- there are so many unhappy people in the world, which is why chocolate consumption is so high.


Scientific research shows that chocolate can bring fat and happiness. It increases the concentration of Serotonin in the brain, and the more serotonin you feel, the happier you are. So, licking a chocolate bar once in a while does make life easier.


With the year 2020 full of magical events, it's only natural that people need a few more chocolate bars to ease their mood. But this approach can only treat the symptoms, not the root causes. To solve the problem, Snickers has come up with a solution - feed the Earth chocolate and make him happy too, which might not be so complicated.


For one thing, there's nothing wrong with these odd practices. Snickers in the AD a little "teasing", presumably also just want to build resonance among the audience, after all, so many new phenomena, there is always a part of you dislike.


The shooting method also reminds us of the famous Coca-Cola "Hilltop" advertisement, where people gather together and start singing to express their feelings.

All in all, the most creative prescription was the one that was prescribed -- throwing chocolate at the earth. Although it felt like a strange thing to do, I still had to give a high score for my imagination and creativity.


However, to see if this effect is effective, we need to find a parallel universe Earth without digging a big hole and throwing chocolate. So, astronomers, please.

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