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Save resources, protect the environment, do to protect the earth's small master.

Save resources, protect the environment, do to protect the earth's small master.

All humans since birth, food and clothing to the line and the production, life, all depends on the planet, we live in the earth's atmosphere, forests, oceans, rivers, soil, grassland, wild animals and plants, etc., has formed a complex and closely related to the natural ecosystem, this is the basic environment to the survival of humans, for a long time, Human courtesy process has always been stranded in the conquest of nature plunder, never seem to think of the nurturing human protection of the earth and return, in a brilliant polite results at the same time, human plunder of nature is an admission that devastated the planet we live in, the growth of population and the increase in production activity, also the impact to the environment, pressure on the environment.

In our life, we should try our best to use environmentally friendly and biodegradable products, such as environmentally friendly cardboard hangers, cardboard hooks, paper shoes, etc., which are eco-friendly and eco-friendly.

As we all know, human beings are based on the natural environment for survival and continuation of the material basis. However, with the development of modern industry, the natural environment has suffered more and more serious damage. Air pollution, water pollution, land pollution... That the world can no longer find a pure land.

Perhaps you will think, want to be important in the development of science and technology, technology developed after the environmental protection is not too late, then you will regret. If we revel too much in our victory over nature at the moment, and think that we have achieved something remarkable, then we are not far from extinction

Climate change, ozone hole, acid rain, toxic waste, wildlife extinction, and air and water pollution are the list of global environmental problems we are currently facing. What should we do about these problems?

It is everyone's responsibility to protect the environment. We should start from the environment around us and protect the environment around us. For example: Abide by the provisions of the relevant banned throw all kinds of waste, the waste thrown to the designated place or containers, avoid using disposable beverage cups, lunch boxes, plastic bags, cardboard boxes, etc. Instead, it can greatly reduce waste, reduce the pressure of a garbage disposal work, take good care of trees and flowers, little New Year card, stick to clean, etc. Although it is a small matter, we can make a contribution to the protection of the earth as long as we work together to save resources and reduce pollution and adjust our lifestyle.

Save resources, protect the environment, do to protect the earth's small master.

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