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Who says socks can't be artistic?

Now finally comes a chance to "step on the feet" of the master! Chatty Feet is a brand of socks that specialises in whimsical art, featuring the smiling faces of artists, scientists and movie stars and giving them funny names. The new collection includes artists such as Picasso, Frida, Dali, David Hockney, Andy Warhol, Mondrian and Van Gogh. In addition to the artist series, the brand also has a scientist series led by Einstein and Hawking.

A visit from Picasso

Frida's unibrow gaze

Dali blew his beard to the sky

David Hockney peeking behind his glasses

Andy Warhol's bangs were too long to keep his eyes up

Mondrian's abstract examination

The smiling gaze of Vincent van Gogh

The socks, which allow guests to wear masterpieces on their Feet, are available on Chatty Feet 'website. A single pair of socks costs £8 (72RMB) and a set of four pairs costs £30 (270RMB).

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