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Why won't Nestle leave my Wallet alone

My favorite movie "God of Food" said is such a story - Stephen Zhou (Stephen Chow is acted the role of) after being hurt by an adulterer in the streets, under the coincidence of the invention of wrasse urine cow pills, how to win the story of God of food. What is the selling point of the drama to describe the rice urine cow balls? It is the sentence "delicious, novel and fun", and this sentence has become my standard to measure creative food.

Recently, when Nestle, Japan's Kit Kat chocolate wafers were released in a "sea salt" flavor (which, by the way, is my real favorite, and I want to go to Chengdu to eat sweet water), the packaging was designed to be an origami image of a sea animal so that after you eat the chocolate, You can also turn the packaging into cute origami creations.

Sea turtles, seals, dolphins and manta rays were chosen to be the models. After eating the chocolate, take the wrapper over, fold it, fold it, turn it over a few times, and a cute little animal will jump out of your hand.

Of course, I had a reasonable incentive to suspect after seeing the diagram that the steps were not as simple as I said; It's not going to be all blue, it's going to be a little bit colorful, but... This can not stop me to buy back through the heart ah. Look at that baby seal and that baby manta ray. How cute!


What's more, these materials are 100% recyclable and reusable. As the world's largest packaged food producer, Nestle has set a good example -- look at that, social responsibility.


But I think the idea inspired me more than that. I've been thinking about why I bother Baal to collect creative information every day. When I saw this project, I suddenly realized that with a little thought, our life could be changed, and this is the power of creativity. Add a few dotted lines to the packaging bag, and put some thought into the material, so that the trash you throw away becomes a work of art in your home.


I don't have to say how good Kit Kat is. Packaging ingenuity, certainly not the first, but for the combination of traditional Japanese origami, it is a novelty; Fun, of course fun, after eating chocolate, and "DIY" gifts - for that lovely seal, which has got me to get the casket and pearl heart, please spare my weak wallet!

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